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Bullying is a global issue prevalent in schools, workplaces, sports, places of worship, and the metasphere. It exists in many forms and guises. From overt and obvious to subtle and insidious, bullying affects millions of people from childhood through adulthood. Many stories have been retold by people who have been bullied. There are far fewer stories and admissions by bullies themselves. The story of a bully and his victim sharing the same stage is even rarer.

Bryan Schimmel is a celebrated and multi-award-winning music director, arranger, and musical performer in South Africa who has conducted major productions across the globe.

Clinton Fein is a renowned writer and artist who has lived in the USA for the past 38 years. He has exhibited his work in major cities around the world. He is also an activist who has successfully championed social issues against the US Navy and the US Government before the US Supreme Court.

Reframing the Conversation

RE:BULLYING provides insights into the physical, psychological, and emotional harm caused by bullying.

It takes a deeper dive into corporate bullying — what it is and how it manifests in both micro and macro aggressions.

The presentation elaborates on the costs, including absenteeism, “quiet quitting,” and diminished mental health. The benefits and tangible outcomes of managing bullying include improved morale, enhanced productivity, and more supportive and enriching environments, be they the workplace, sports, or social media.

Delivering New Perspectives

RE:BULLYING approaches this controversial topic from a paradigm of harm reduction.

Delivered as a stand-alone narrative, this powerful presentation is followed by a short Q & A session. In-depth follow-up workshops focused on bullying in various forms are available as a package.

After more than twenty-five successful presentations, RE: BULLYING has received rave reviews and initiated impactful conversations. Schimmel and Fein have been featured on The Gareth Cliff Show, Hot 1027 FM, Cape Talk, and Chai FM.

Pricing and package details are available upon request.

Select Testimonials

“Part play, part talk, part trigger videos, part trigger images, part monologue, part dialogue but entirely entertaining, enrapturing and moving.“

Lorraine Srage, Principal,
King David High School, Linksfield


“This presentation is a much needed platform that encourages discussion on a usually taboo and distasteful subject.”

Bryan Hill, General Manager,
Teatro Montecasino


“I came to listen. What I heard was a game changer.”

Larry Chimes,
Chimes Law


“It was brave, enlightening, honest and essential for young people … and old. A ‘must- hear’ heartwarming experience.”

Daphne Kuhn, Theatre Producer
Theatre on the Square


“As a psychologist who has worked with both bullies and victims, I recommend this moving presentation. It is honest and thought- provoking and I think their story resonates with all of us.”

Nicole Canin,


“This has started important conversations within the school community as well as ignited ideas for much-needed campaigns.”

Meryl Malkin, Head Counsellor
King David High School, Linksfield


“Riveting, astounding, revealing, insightful, and incredibly thought-provoking.”

— Joseph Gerassi, Executive Head
Redhill School

Select Media Coverage

Select articles, news coverage and books from a plethora of publications covering Clinton Fein’s career as a technologist, activist, artist and speaker.

As an activist, with a Supreme Court victory over the Attorney General of the United States, Fein garnered international attention, including The New York Times, CNN and The Wall Street Journal.

Fein’s thought-provoking and controversial work as an artist caught the attention of prestigious educational institutions, including Harvard University, which recognized its socio-political relevance and ability to provoke crucial conversations about human rights, morality, and the boundaries of artistic expression.